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Making an Impact

One-on-One with PhD Project Trailblazers

Blazing the Trail

Dr. Bill Qualls

Dr. Bill Qualls was there from the beginning. As one of the attendees of the inaugural PhD Project conference, he was instrumental in helping the organization build its community, find its voice and spread its…

Lifting One Another Up

Dr. Thomas Lopez

A second-year accounting doctoral student from Arizona State University named Thomas Lopez was among the presenters at the first PhD Project conference in 1994. And from that moment on, he’s been deeply connected and dedicated…

A Source of Inspiration

Dr. Carolyn M. Callahan

Carolyn Callahan doesn’t shy away from the title of trailblazer. The former University of Louisville College of Business Dean and Vice-Provost earned her doctoral degree from Michigan State University in E. Lansing and in her…