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Living The Dream

Is This for Me?

Cross the Ocean

Dr. María T. Cabán-García

María Cabán-García, already a college professor, lacked three things in her life: the letters Ph.D. and all they stood for. To earn them, she uprooted her life and family, left her native home in Puerto…

Introvert or Extrovert?

Dr. Michael Kimbrough

At first the idea of Michael Kimbrough, rising star at a leading accounting firm, becoming a business school professor seemed just about half right to him. Conducting research and delving into analyses of business issues…

“I’ll Get Involved in Your Life”

Dr. Sammie Robinson

Sammie Robinson was a child of the 1950s. “I come from a background,” she explains, “where the most optimistic dream was that I would attend a small Black  college and maybe become a teacher.” But…

Something That Lasts

Dr. Millicent Nelson

Millicent Nelson, born to a family full of academics and students, recalls that “teaching was a gift from God to me; I was always the one teaching people how to do things.” But she restricted…

Urban Entrepreneur to Academic

Dr. Jeff Brice, Jr.

In a career that started on the streets and has now turned to academia, Jeff Brice, Jr. has run his own film production company, headed a construction business, and  worked on job-development with ex-convicts and…

A Waiting Room Epiphany

Dr. Aberdeen Leila Borders

Five kids call Leila Borders “Grandma.” Hundreds of young  adults now call her “Professor.” In a quarter-century  corporate career, Leila Borders had never entertained a thought of teaching until she sat in a doctor’s waiting…

Banking On A New Career

Dr. Patricia Hewlin

As a retail branch manager and vice president for one of the world’s premier banking companies, Patricia Hewlin often found herself at the front of a training classroom, instructing employees in job skills. Before  long,…

Programmed to Succeed

Dr. Amanuel Tekleab

From high school days in his native Ethiopia on, Amanuel Tekleab yearned to become a professor. Spurred by parents who lacked formal schooling but placed great value on education, he set out after his dream….

A Well-timed Invitation

Dr. Daniel Stewart

Dan Stewart, back in his undergraduate days, paid more attention to his professors than did most of his classmates. He was sizing them up as potential role models. “I liked watching my professors, and I…