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Paying it Forward

Changing the Face of Business Research

Fulbright Scholar

Dr. Renée Pratt

The trail to one of the first Fulbright Scholarships awarded to a PhD  Project participant*  traces back to  Toronto, Canada and the 2008 meeting of the Project’s Information Systems Doctoral Students Association, and leads to a…

Influencing Research Nationally

Dr. Quinetta Roberson

Sitting in the crowded meeting hall among 265 other hand- selected participants at the first PhD Project conference in December 1994 was a soon-to-be former financial analyst and small business development consultant from Philadelphia. Quinetta…

The Diner Dishes

Dr. Rebeca Perren Dr. Cinthia Satornino

Research is the raison d’être and lifeblood of the academic firmament’s upper strata, where doctoral candidates and professors reside. Undergraduates, it has been said, absorb and process knowledge and MBA students apply it—but PhDs. create…