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Paying it Forward

Impacting the Community

Anything in the World

Dr. dt ogilvie Dr. Ian Williamson

The year was 1993, and the seeds that would become The PhD Project were just taking form as a new PhD went on the job market and interviewed for a management professor position. At many of…

Saturday Mornings

Dr. Angélica Gutiérrez

Angélica Gutiérrez learned from experience, at age eight, how stereotyping and prejudice can deprive ethniccminorities of educational opportunity. Her mother was summoned to the elementary school principal’s office one day to hear that her daughter had a learning disability…

Robots & Bingo

Dr. Laura Trevino

For 15 years, Dr. Laura Trevino, an Hispanic-American charter participant in The PhD Project, has exemplified paying it forward by taking her Information Systems students back—back to elementary school settings like those they once experienced. There, Dr….


Dr. Adriane Randolph

The most severely impacted patients with spinal cord injury or brain disease are said to be “locked  in.” Completely paralyzed, they can neither speak nor move, not even to shake their head. PhD Project Professor Dr. Adriane Randolph uses her technology expertise to unlock them….