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Living The Dream

Sacrifice… or Investment?

To MBA or Not to MBA?

Dr. Angela Andrews

For Angela Andrews changing jobs in the corporate world  had become a depressing routine. “You’re in a different cubicle, but it’s the same job.” Despite a string of successful stints in financial accounting at top…

To MBA or Not to MBA, II?

Dr. Brett Gilbert

Once Dr. Brett Gilbert decided to pursue an advanced degree in business, she cut right to the chase. She bypassed earning an MBA, focusing sharply on her ultimate goal. She enrolled directly in a Ph.D….

The Mathematics of Life

Dr. Helen Brown-Liburd

The reminders would arrive in Helen Brown’s mailbox, like clockwork, every year. The wrong time of year, as far as she was concerned. “Those PhD Project mailings would always come at bonus time,” recalls the…


Dr. Constance Porter

The dollars—offers of them, that is—were flying at Constance Porter. Comfortably situated in a prominent management consulting firm, she found herself the object of an unsolicited, escalating bidding war by two companies seeking to recruit…

“Out-of-body” Experience Yields Deal of Lifetime

Dr. Byron Hollowell

Wall Street investment banker Byron Hollowell, working ninety hours a week during the go-go 90’s on some of the planet’s hottest deals, sometimes paused to wonder about the long-term benefits of the mergers and acquisitions…


Dr. Andrea Scott

The booming 1990s were a heady, exciting time to be an advertising executive for Fortune 500 companies and top agencies. But for Andrea Scott, there was an unsettling undercurrent to those go-go years. She subscribed to…

When Five Becomes Eight

Dr. Nichole Castater

The Berlin Wall was falling, and Nichole Castater was right there. An undergraduate studying German abroad for a semester, she had chosen Berlin, and found herself witnessing history unfolding. The excitement in the air was…

When a Big Salary Isn’t Enough

Dr. Melvin Smith

As he contemplated shifting gears in his life plan radically—from highpowered, hefty-salaried corporate executive to the professorial podium of academia—Melvin Smith made a big mistake. He assumed that becoming a management professor would slash his…

The Investment

Dr. Kendra Harris

Through more than five intense years as a doctoral student, Kendra Harris could not help but notice that her old friends in corporate life were driving newer cars, and living  in bigger houses than she…

His Own Path

Dr. Ronald Ramirez

In eight years as an operations and finance manager in Fortune 500 companies, Ronald Ramirez saw his employers invest vast sums of money in new information technologies. Despite the benefits generated from using the technology,…