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Paying it Forward

Changing the Face of Business Education

Four Directions

Dr. Joseph Gladstone Dr. Deanna M. Kennedy Dr. Amy Klemm Verbos Dr. Daniel Stewart

Long ago, Native Americans were clever and proficient entrepreneurs.  Interacting with European trappers and traders, they engaged successfully in businesses of many kinds with the new arrivals. And then everything changed. In modern America, few Native Americans—living…

Tough Love

Dr. Thomas Lopez

The first-year PhD candidate, an African student with five small children under age six, was struggling greatly with the intense rigors of adjusting to doctoral study. His doctoral committee, meeting privately to review the unpromising…

Mentorship: Pass it Along

Dr. Miriam Stamps Dr. Carolyn Massiah

When a young Miriam “Mimi” Stamps was still of an age when maternal influence is real and present, her mother advised her to become a teacher. The future Dr. Stamps promptly rejected that advice. It…