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Living The Dream

Following the Dream

The Clock Told Him

Dr. Leyland Lucas

Cruising down the MBA track at Howard University, Leyland Lucas was startled when a professor pulled him aside and asked if he had ever considered an academic career. “I said, ‘That’s not where I want …

Eleventh Hour Stand-in

Dr. John Warren

Most people go to business networking events for the same reason: you never know what might happen. All John Warren hoped to accomplish when he attended a Chicago  area networking breakfast was to hand out…

Never Give Up

Dr. Frank Bryant

Taking stock of his life, Frank Bryant had to admit that things could hardly look worse. Earning his MBA during the recession of the early 1990s, he returned to his economically depressed hometown, Buffalo, to…

Hard Choice, Easy Decision

Dr. Francisco Roman

Francisco Roman had just  earned his Master’s degree in economics, and the future looked bright. But a tough choice loomed ahead for the young financial analyst: on one side of his desk sat two exciting…


Dr. Patricia Martinez

As a promising doctoral student on the job market, Patricia Martinez was seeking a home at a strong, Hispanic-serving college when she visited informally at the University of Texas, San Antonio. Interviewing with the head of…

Camel Boy

Dr. Yusuf Nur

No one has traveled a longer route to a Ph.D. than Yusuf Nur, born in Somalia into a family of nomadic, impoverished goat and camel tenders. As a young boy, he was expected to grow…

Postcard from Nowhere

Dr. Pamela Carter

Graduation Day loomed at the University of Maryland business school, but unfortunately for new MBA Pamela Carter, employment did not. With a brilliant track record in her studies, she had performed admirably in a co-op…

A Moment of Clarity

Dr. Terry Esper

Terry Esper, logistics manager for Hallmark Cards, ended one lengthy corporate conference day with the social ritual of joining a colleague for a post-session beer. He was totally unaware the relaxing moment was about to…

You Mean More

Dr. Danny Lanier, Jr.

The mailings finally got to him. Danny Lanier, public accountant, had reached that point in life and career where he was starting to wonder where true fulfillment might lie. It was then that he began…