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266 Reasons Why They Came

Mel Stith felt excitement rising in him as he stood by the registration counter and watched the people arrive. First in a small trickle, then in clumps and then in a crowd they came. “Yes,…

Everybody Needs to Come to the Party

September in San Francisco is a refreshing antidote to a punishing East Coast summer. The cool breezes can clear out  mental cobwebs and awaken brain cells dulled by months of heat and humidity back home….

I Use to Think I Was the Only One

Milano’s spontaneous promise to “fix” the problem that Carolyn Callahan had exposed in Montvale—that new doctoral recruits would need peer and mentor support to get over the many hurdles of earning the degree—turned out to…

A Moment of Graphic Clarity and Genius. The PhD Project

That spring, as Milano and Thorp made their customary rounds of meetings with  academic  groups,  they  shared  an  idea  that had gained momentum during the Montvale sessions: a national conference to assemble all those African-Americans,…

Creating a Network of Support

Carolyn Callahan endured in silence the indignity of being pushed in a wheelchair through bustling Newark Airport. Fiercely independent and highly accomplished as  a  scholar,  she  was  not happy about being transported in this manner….

A Meeting of the Minds

Supporting current doctoral students in accounting would help those individuals and align with KPMG’s interests.  But it was a small dent in the larger challenge of attracting a vastly bigger pool of underrepresented minorities to become professors in…

An Idea and $2,500

Others were asking the same questions. AACSB, the body that accredits business schools and  GMAC,  the  organization  that conducts the GMAT test for business  school  admission,  had sponsored the abandoned MSI program. Disappointed in its…

A New Approach

“Lake Tahoe,” thought doctoral student Michael Clement. “That’s what I need. It’s what we all need right now.” The bracing Sierra Nevada breezes of Tahoe, just a few hours’ drive from the pressure cooker that…

Blazing the Trail

Dr. Bill Qualls

Dr. Bill Qualls was there from the beginning. As one of the attendees of the inaugural PhD Project conference, he was instrumental in helping the organization build its community, find its voice and spread its…

Lifting One Another Up

Dr. Thomas Lopez

A second-year accounting doctoral student from Arizona State University named Thomas Lopez was among the presenters at the first PhD Project conference in 1994. And from that moment on, he’s been deeply connected and dedicated…