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Fulbright Scholar

Dr. Renée Pratt

The trail to one of the first Fulbright Scholarships awarded to a PhD  Project participant*  traces back to  Toronto, Canada and the 2008 meeting of the Project’s Information Systems Doctoral Students Association, and leads to a…

Mentorship: Pass it Along

Dr. Miriam Stamps Dr. Carolyn Massiah

When a young Miriam “Mimi” Stamps was still of an age when maternal influence is real and present, her mother advised her to become a teacher. The future Dr. Stamps promptly rejected that advice. It…

Tough Love

Dr. Thomas Lopez

The first-year PhD candidate, an African student with five small children under age six, was struggling greatly with the intense rigors of adjusting to doctoral study. His doctoral committee, meeting privately to review the unpromising…

Four Directions

Dr. Joseph Gladstone Dr. Deanna M. Kennedy Dr. Amy Klemm Verbos Dr. Daniel Stewart

Long ago, Native Americans were clever and proficient entrepreneurs.  Interacting with European trappers and traders, they engaged successfully in businesses of many kinds with the new arrivals. And then everything changed. In modern America, few Native Americans—living…

A Secret Mover of the Needle

Dr. Jorge Perez

Tenured professor Dr. Jorge Pérez didn’t fully appreciate his  decision  to  branch  into  senior  administration  at Kennesaw State University until one morning several months into his term on the university Cabinet, reporting directly to the…

Mentor of Mentors

Dr. Carolyn Callahan

Dr. Carolyn Callahan, former Dean of the College of Business at the University of Louisville, and former KPMG Distinguished Professor of Accounting and Director of the School of Accountancy at the University of Memphis, was the first African-American…

Special Issue

Dr. Geraldine Henderson Dr. Jerome Williams

The academy lost these two amazing scholars. Both Dr. Henderson and Dr. Williams left a wonderful legacy of research and mentorship that has inspired many.. They were considered “giants “ in the field of Marketing…

Two Meetings

Dr. Mark Dawkins

At a tense meeting one day in the early 1990s at a large, heavily white university, a student watched in silent respect and admiration as his mentor—a senior African- American faculty leader—stood up to academic…

They Saw it in Him

Dr. Andy Garcia

Ex-Marine, now Colorado State University freshman, Andy Garcia looked in the mirror and saw a student. But when the academicians looked at him, they saw a future peer. “I was sitting in my counselor’s office,…

Instant Family

Dr. Richard Jones

Dr. Jones started on the road to his Ph.D. in 1993, after leaving his controller position at a prominent bank. At the first PhD Project Accounting Doctoral Students Association (DSA) meeting the next year, “I…